About us

Founded in 2001 Link2Unit was started its activity from development of turbo codecs. In 2003 we have designed a FPGA based highspeed tupbo codec and a LDPC codec soon after that.

In 2003 we have started to collaborate with Protei Ltd. Result of our work was a wireless pre-WiMAX P2P modem using OFDM and turbo coding technologies. Natural evolution of this activity was development of equipment compliant to specification IEEE802.16d (fixed WiMAX) started at 2005.

Using our accumulated knowledge and experience we have focused afterwards on a complicated task of development of the universal SDR platforms for nonstandard wireless equipment. In 2010 we have designed a OFDM modem of increased universality equipped MIMO and LDPC technologies. This first experience has highlighted good perspectives of such work. But based mainly on IEEE802.16d standard this modem was not able to ensure a wide coverage of a customer audience. Our thoroughly analysis of such situation has shown that universal decision must be based exclusively on original specification of wireless interface created with this universality in mind. At 2012 we have started development of original specification followed by development of a new SDR platform for it. Currently we are able to offer our customers low-cost wireless equipment with highest universality level.

Link2Unit is a team of high skilled professionals leaded by PhD specialist.

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