Squared_Link. SDR platform

SDR platform. Frequency range 70-6000 MHz. Dual channel transceiver. Supplied with an original OFDM modem IP core supporting unique technology of multimode transmission. Affordable price.

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OFDM_MultiMode technology

Unique technology of generation of wideband, narrowband signals, spread spectrum signals and signals with an fragmented spectra. Use one modem for complicated tasks when your competitors use multiple.

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Squared_Modem. Development kit

Development kit includes Squred_Link, motherboard, RF board, software. Everything is ready for testing in laboratory and in field. Can be used as standalone solution.

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About Link2Unit

Link2Unit specializes in development of SDR platforms for nonstandard tasks. We focus on an equipment development with low weight, physical dimensions, energy consumption, wide functional capabilities and affordable price. Our embedded software is primary intended for nonstandard tasks and based on principle of a reasonable universality embodied in original technology OFDM_MultiMode. We are eager to solve our customer's tasks when development of specialized solutions is inappropriate.

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26 August 2016. New products from Link2Unit.

26 August 2016. Brand new Link2Unit's site is open.